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Denition Of Baby Dumping Theology Religion Essay

The issues of the baby dumping become a contemporary issues that never decrease in term of their quantity. Nowadays, this issues become more worse compared to previous years. We can say that, the baby dumping activities always happening almost everyday. According to the Headquarters of Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), they stated that, the meaning of the baby dumping is the act of leaving away their babies at the any places without taking care of that babies. According to the Community, Family and Women Ministry, the issues of baby dumping already had achieved almost to thousand per a year. This cases become a hot and big topic around malaysian’s people. Many parties had already discussing about this problem that commonly happen in Malay communities. The question that we should always asking is, why this problems always happen toward our teenagers?

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia it define baby dumping as a social problem that happen when the mother of the baby want to abondent or have willing to leave their children in public or private places with the intent to dispose their baby without have heart to take care their babies. Usually this kind of cases happened when the mother of the baby have giving birth to the unwanted babies. Thus, to cover all their mistakes, they take a drastic way by dispose their own babies. Besides that, the Wikipedia also defined baby dumping as a rejecting and throwing a baby away after the mother of the baby have giving a birth and exposeing their baby with the danger in a means to make sure their baby death.

In addition, according to Kamus Dewan Edisi 4, page 208, the term dumping give a means throw, delete and remove while the meaning for the word baby is a newborn child by the mother. If we combined the meaning of the baby dumping, it give to us a deep meaning as a dumped or eliminate the innocent child to everywhere without have any humane nature. The meaning that was given by the dictionary give a more and better understand about the issues that was always happened and occured in our country. Besides that, baby dumping also can be defined as when a pair of irresponsible parent either already married or not make a decision to just abandon their unwanted baby in unfavorable places such as dumpstair, abondan places even in front of other houses.


Some of the steps that was taken by the parties either by government, parent and school cannot brought a successfull method in order to overcome this kind of issue. Therefore, it is important to discuss the alternative ways in order to curb this baby dumping problems.


The other alternatives that government shall take is set up the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) Bank. It is was proposed by Selangor police, Chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar in year 2010. In Malaysia, using DNA Bank to solve the crime cases like baby dumping is a one of the new approach. The DNA Bank will give a lot of benefict for the police by facilitate their investigation. For baby dumping cases, DNA Bank can trace the parents that abandoned their newborn babies because DNA Bank will keep the DNA of all newborn babies. Thus, any person that abandoned their babies will easily to get trace by the police. Besides the baby dumping cases, DNA Bank also can help the police in other crime cases, like murder, robbery cases and so on. Eventhough this facilities will give alot of benefit to solve the crime issues, but it may going to take a time and need a lot of cost to build this facilities in our country. However, it still become a best solution to address cases that related with baby dumping problems.

Second alternatives that government can take in action is reconstruct the syllabus. The present syllabus that our children used today is good enough to them become acknowledgeable person but there are leakage in creating an awareness to our children regarding the sexual relationship. Thus, government should reconstruct or add the syllabus in certain subject like in Pendidikan Islam and Pendidikan Moral. The element that can create and rise the awareness and could highlight the consequences of social problem like free sex and baby dumping should be emphasized. Besides reconstruct the syllabus, the government also should exterminate the pornographic material either from internet or in form of electronic multimedia. This kind of things will influence the teenager to do a bad thing easily if the immediate and the drastic step did not take by the government. Nowadays, teenagers can access this pornographic material by using the internet so government should block all this matter from enter to our country. Set a strict rule also can be taken by government in order to overcome this cases.

The promotion of islam as a way of life also can be a excellent alternative to reduce the number of baby dumping statistic because the majority person that involved in baby dumping cases are muslim youth. Therefore, the government can hired the islamic scholar or ulama’ to take a reesponsible to explain and have a some talk about the religion to our young generation. Beside that, when there is a program or when there is a national celebration, the government could invited the religious person or motivator to motivate our citizen instead of invite the singer to organise their concert. One of the politician in our country had said that, one of the reason why the baby dumping in our country increase for every year is due to the entertaiment that they easily to get. Too entertaimnet that didnot give any benefit for them will cause them to get chances involve in social problem. Other than that, government also should give a support for NGO activities. One of the method that NGO organised to overcome this problem is by providing baby hatch. The baby hatch was get supported by our Ministry of Women, Family & Community development. The function of baby hatch is to help the women especially the young women that need help from abandoning their babies by providing place for them to leave their unwanted babies instead of throwing them in unsuitable places. Thus, this baby hatch should be build in other state so that this problem can resolved.


School plays important role to help in curbing the baby dumping problem among the teenagers. The first alternative that the school should do is increase the knowledge and social skill among the teenagers. The teacher should not just teach the students about the knowledge in textbook, but they also should have iniciative to teach the student about the general knowledge including the sexuality issues. The students should know how worse the social problem that just happening in our country. They also should have some knowledge how to take care themselve from being trapping in free sex and also baby dumping cases. Besides that, the teenagers also need some skill to make decision about when they should initiate with sex, with whom and under what circumstances they should know about the sex. Besides the knowledges, school also should provided the martial art class. This martial art class is important to teenager to have a some skill to defence them from be a victim in sexuality issue.

The second alternative is school should offer reproductive health service and contraception. Normally, the facilities was only exist in public and private family planning clinic. Thus, the teenagers that have some problem in sexuality relationship may feel embarrassed due to the perception of cammunity toward them. We should take some example from United State, they also offer reproductive health in school to give their students the knowledges regarding with the sexual relationship. By providing this service in school, the students can use it to get counseling session regarding with their sexuality relationship. To overcome the baby dumping issues, besides give counseling, the service also can organise communication program for parents and teen to discuss about the teenagers problem in sex education. It is important to enhance the teen’s sense of personal development and to parent in knowing about their children problems.

The third method that the school can do is by applying the sex education to their students. Sex education in school is a better option to overcome this problem. But, many parties may have a wrong perception toward the objective of sex education in school. actually, it is not the teacher teach the student about how to have a safe free sex, but the objective of sex education are to provide the awareness to the students and let them to have a better understanding of reproductive system and health. It is important to provide the students especially female students about the consequences of having a relationship with a boy in a early stage. Beside that, sex education could give the extra knowledge and tend to reduce the number of unprotected sexual intercourse and also illegal pregnancy. We should learn from Singapore, they addressed the issues much better and faster than us. Now, the sex education was formally taught in upper primary school until the pre university level. The objective that Singapore emphasized regarding the sex education are to building the teenagers that mature and be responsible with their own body.


Parents play a high role to teach their kids to become good in their own behavior. Thus, the role of parent in curbing the baby dumping need to address very well. First of all, the parent should openly discussed about the sex education with their children. Eventhough the topic about the sex education is still taboo to aur culture, but it is important to prevent the teenage to get the wrong information about sex from wrong sources. Parents always refuse and opposed to discuss about the sex with their children and leave the respnsible to the teacher only. Thus, the parent should take their own role to reduce the number of baby dumping in our country. The parent should have initiative to story the consequences of being in a relationship in an early stage to their children. The children should know how they should respect their own body by not letting any men touch their body without have any legal relationship. Beside that, if the children asking the questions, the parent should provide the actual answer to their children. They should not give a wrong answer because the children may have cinfusing in understanding that topic.

Second alternative that the parent could taken is supervise their children activities. Parent should know very well about what their children do and with who their children befriend. If necessary, parent should control their children when they frequently love to hangout with their friend instead of staying at home. Once, before egulate all their children activities including their children social life, but now parents is different. They believe that their children can manage their life very well even without their parent guide. They also should firm their childrem activities relating with the activities that do not good for their life. Sometimes, parents did not give a full attention to their children because of too much spending with their work. Thus, the children feel boring staying at home by themselve and finally take a decision to hangout with their friends that tend to involve in social problem. So, parent should spent their time with their children in order to understand their children behaviour and problems.


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