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Relationship Between Young Parents And Childrens Achievement Young People Essay

Home, is a place where we can relax and be our self. We do not need to pretend. While, by having a good relationship between family members is good for the development of children. It is an important role for a family.

An important study found that children of working parents did better when:

Mothers were warm and responsive with children

Child care was stable and of high quality

Children spent fewer hours in child care

Faughn.P (2006, jun 1). Working parents with young children: What’s Important? Message posted to

Parents are the good models of constructive social and educational values. This may strongly affect children’s level of attainment. A good role model with a better relationship with children may increases the level of attainment of children.

By contributing a good relationship with children, young parents shall contact school’s management to get the news update from them. Moreover, by involving themselves in school activities may construct a better relationship with children. Time spent with children must be constant.

A research shows that playtime with parents is also important.

Children crave time with parents. It makes them feel special. Parents are encouraged to find time to spend playing with their kids on a regular basis. This should include one to one with each child and group time with all of the adults and kids in the home. If you are a single parent or have an only child, occasionally invite family or friends over to play.

In pretend play, let the child develop the theme. Get into their world. Let them go with it. Ask questions. Play along. Be silly along with them and have fun. Avoid over-stimulation. Know when it is time to stop.

Spending time with children helps young parents to know their children better. Hence, a bond will last for a lifetime. Moreover, children will realize that they are being concerned, loved and appreciated. Therefore, children will share their feelings with parents once they are confronted with temptations and difficulties.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of young Malaysian married couples moved out of their parents’ home after marriage. They set up their own household today. They have to manage their lives and families without anyone’s supports. They need to earn as much as they can to raise their children and fulfill family’s needs.

Young parents, whom are busy with their own work, will not have much time to accompany their children after a tiring day. Time spent with children decreased. This may lead to lack of communication between young parents and their children.

Most young parents thought of earning as much as they can, may have a better life for their children and fulfill their needs easily. Therefore, instead of spending time to understand them, they work as much as they can every single day.

This may lead to many pressures and problems among family members. For example, young parents may feel desperate, frustrated or even embarrass when there is some misunderstanding among themselves. Hence, argument might occur.

Children might be left out since young parents do not care for them. Hence to get more attention from parents, children will try to behave like a gangster or fight at school and academic performance will getting worst.

According to this report, culture and ethnicity, levels of human and material resources available within families, home language, family structure and changes in family type are linked to children’s achievement. (Fred, Jeanne,& Chris, 2003)

It is a hoped that this research would be beneficial to those who may concern, especially young parents who are busy with their carrier. Lack of communication among family members would lead to many disadvantages. Therefore, parents should have more interaction with their children to build a stronger relationship within family members.

This research benefits the community as well. This is because all these young generations are those who might lead the nation in the future.

Problem Statement:

As Malaysia is a developing country, why do lack of communication among young parents and children affect their achievement in school?

Research Questions:

RQ1: What are the factors of communication lacking among young parents and their children?

RQ2: What is the implication of communication lacking among young parents and their children?

RQ3: How to overcome this problem?

Research Objectives:

RO1: to determine what drives lack of communication among young parents and their children.

RO2: to determine the aftermath of communication lacking.

RO3: to find out the way to solve this problem.


Population (N) – who : (i) young parents (ii) children

Sample (n) – where : (i) office which located at KL (ii) primary schools in KL

Definition :

Main concepts

(i)Young parents


(iii)Lack of communication

Conceptual definition

Working young parents

Schooling children

Operational definition

Busy with their carrier.

7 – 12 years old


Quantitative method will be use in the research while the instruments in this research are a questionnaire. The questionnaire will be divide into four sections which is Section A, B, C and D. Section A includes questions on the demographic profile, Section B is the factors of communication lacking among young parents and their children, whereas Section C and Section D will be the implication of communication lacking among young parents and their children and ways to solve this respectively.


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