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Why I Am Muslim | Theology Essay

I am Muslim by birth and proud to be a Muslim. I know Islam is a true religion and I am on a right track. There are other religions too Why I was not attracted towards them? The main reason is my strong belief on Islam. Religions like Christianity and Jewish are also sent by Allah Almighty but Islam is last religion sent by Allah Almighty through last Prophet Muhammad (S.W.A). After the religion Islam came into being I respect books of different religions too because they are also revealed by Allah Almighty but believe and act on the teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.W.A) and the last book Quran. Quran is the only error free book so I can trust it blindly because Allah Himself took the responsibly of protection of Quran till the Day Of Judgment. There are many things in religion Islam due to which not only a Muslim cannot leave Islam but believers of other religions are also attracted towards Islam. I like Islam because it is not spread through force i.e. Non-Muslims cannot be forced to accept Islam.

Islam teaches me to respect elders and love children and promote brotherhood. Islam promotes justice and equality. You are treated equally either you are Arab, Non-Arab, White or Black you are treated equally in Islam. In Islam Fasting in the month of Ramadan is to makes us realize how poor people sometimes live without food and water so it tells us to give zakaat and sadqa to poor people. By giving Zakaat in Islam many problems in the society were solved and ratio of crime is less. Believers of other religions criticize on Islam that in Islam punishments of different crimes are very harsh i.e. for robbery cut the hand of culprits. They believe that if the punishment are given according to the Islamic principals in any society then every second person of that society will be disabled but this is not like that for example Saudi Arabia and other countries where Islamic laws are in practice you will observe that crime ratio is very less because of the fear of the punishments and there is peace in the society.

Islam has given me purpose and direction to my life. So Islam provides us complete code of life and tells us the purpose of our life. Islam tells us everything how to live an excellent life in the world and go to Paradise in Hereafter. Islam has brought peace to my life.

Believers of other religions, Jews believe that they are chosen people and loved by the God the most. Christians who believe in Christ believe that they deserves to be saved and loved by the Lord. But according to Quran God loves only those who are useful to people.

According to the Quran, 5:18

aa‚¬A“(Both) the Jews and the Christians say: ‘We are the sons of Allah, and his beloved.’ Say: ‘Why then would He punish you for your sins? No! You are but humans among all those he has createdaa‚¬A?.

According to the Quran, 49:13

aa‚¬A“Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).aa‚¬A?

According to the Quran, 2:62

“Those who believe, and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians,- any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. “

In the Quranic verses given above it is clearly mentioned that in Islam there is no hate for other religions. Islam is open for all that is why it is spreading rapidly throughout the world. Islam and science are not only compatible with each other but Islam could even motivate scientific innovations.

Islam did not come up as a unexpected happening. The ideas of Islam are in some way approximating to the original basic thoughts in Judaism and Christianity which are there in their books. So, Islam was not a surprising religion that came up from unexpected God, with unexpected changes to the beliefs of older jews, particularily. But, Isalm was a continuous message which is revised and reviewed successively to fit different nations styles and eliminate deviations, made by people, from its sole.

According to me Islam is the best religion for all because other religions are modified by the people. but in Islam you will get everything you need in Quran and Sunnah. So these are the some reasons that Why I am a Muslim?


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